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SMD components

Well, I want to get started with the PCB and SMD.
To all of you out there that are afraid of using SMD components here are a couple good reasons to star using them:
Most people thinks that SMD components are extremely small and of course difficult to solder and manipulate. Well that is in part true, there are very small SMD components that are the ones you get to see in general. That is cause you probably changed a video card, saw your main board or saw an opened cell phone. In that case you saw extremely small SMD that can only be soldered by machines. What happens is that commercial boards, are in general made by thousands and of course are made by machines.
What is also true is there are other SMD sizes you don't actually get to see a lot in commercial boards.
These bigger sizes are pretty nice to work with and the even will let you place a PCB track in between(if you do your own boards you know what I mean).
Another good reason to start working with SMD is the fact that you don't need to drill holes. That means saving time and also a cleaner shop.
Prices of SMD components tend to be less than regular ones, but is not that easy to find them in the average electronics store. In general when you buy, the minimum quantity is 50, which is not that bad, less than 2 euro(in RS) for 1% tolerance resistors. When you talk about capacitors prices are also cheaper but depends on the kind of capacitor and the tolerances.

Lets talk about sizes
In general the most known sizes are 603, 805 and 1206. I wouldn't suggest a 603, but an 805 is good and of course a 1206 is the best choice.
Below are 2 tables with the sizes for resistors and capacitors:














Not only resistors and capacitors are SMD also ICs come in sizes easy to handle and other kind of stuff also comes in SMD.
As I build some of my projects i will be adding pictures.

Comments suggestions????
Let me know.



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